J&T Farms Beefmaster Cattle!

JT Farms Wicked Witch Beefmaster

J&T Farms is located in Henderson, Tennessee.  Jerry and Tammy along with their son Taylor, have been raising purebred Beefmaster cattle since 2008.  J&T Farms strives to produce a totally balanced Beefmaster product. Weather for the purebred breeder or the commercial cattleman, quality is number one.
The cattle that J&T Farms produces are developed from a popular pedigree that actually performs. They believe that the perfect Beefmaster has 3 P’s in common: Pedigree, Performance and Pretty.  All of the cattle produced at J&T Farms are scanned by a qualified technician, and they all are backed up by BBU approved data. The goal at J&T Farms is to produce a balanced animal not only for pedigree and performance, but also to produce individuals that have both good ribeye and a good IMF score.
J&T Farms produces bulls as seedstock for purebred breeders and they also produce commercial bulls. They currently have bulls in three different feed test.  A large percentage of their bulls go through a Grow-Safe feed test in Evant, TX.

J&T Farms welcomes you to call or come by for any of your Beefmaster needs.
Contact Jerry Thomas to schedule a visit.

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J&T Farms 3rd Beefmaster Production Sale